Retrieving - Storing

Retrieving – Storing

Detachable pre-storage hopper

Our pre-storage hoppers on wheels are placed below your machine conveyor belts. They allow storage pending opening of the shut-off valves allowing these to be emptied into the suction network before entering the final storage area.
Classification / pressure

  • Low pressure: total pressure < 732 Pa
  • Medium pressure: total pressure 732 Pa < Δp > 3,660 Pa
  • High pressure: total pressure 3,660 < Δp > 30,000 Pa

Distribution auger

At the outlet of the network, it is possible to add one or several distribution augers to 30 m3 bins according to the complexity of the network or the requirements of the specifications. They allow distribution of the chips uniformly along the storage bin, and also retrieval of several outputs of chips in order to distribute them within several bins, the positioning of which will have been studied. This possibility allows sorting to be carried out when the colours of the materials machined make this application necessary.

Chip blowing bins and level detection

According to the layout and study of your network, retrieval of aspirated metal chips can be carried out by means of a metal connection tube. Positioned between the storage bin and the end of the suction network, this solution is offered with a level detection valve allowing information to be sent for emptying the bin.