GPS COPEAUX has an extensive range of treatment and filtation products compatible with the specificities of your installations.

Our products operate with flows of 2,000 m3/hr – 30,000 m3/hr and above if necessary, using dry or wet methods, with pressure ranges from low to medium. We can offer solutions allowing treatment of dust, chips and oil mist.

Classification / pressure

  • Low pressure: total pressure < 732 Pa
  • Average pressure: total pressure 732 Pa < Δp > 3,660 Pa
  • High pressure: total pressure 3,660 < Δp > 30,000 Pa

Power supply management (cabinet trunking/suction unit motor)

All of our suction systems are fitted with a variable frequency drive allowing optimal adjustment of the operating point of the fan. Furthermore, during less intensive use of the installation, it is possible to reduce the power consumed via the variator’s control panel, saving energy.